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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The “filtration system” of the military.

The following I have never heard openly being discussed with regards to military preparedness, perhaps because it is too volatile to be addressed by postmodern social engineers.
Yet from a simple military perspective, learned from my experience as a platoon sergeant and who has a basic understanding of how a group of men generally perform best under pressure, I offer this opinion piece...

The laws and standards which once governed the most effective fighting force in the world, have now
been breached.
Did you know that discrimination policies were once a staple
of the American fighting force? That’s right, people who could not meet the
standards were considered undesirable. Even having “flat feet” could be a potential
problem, because of the undesirable effect of not being able to sustain long
road marches as an example.
Psychological weakness as well as physical limitations were
screened to ensure a robust and effective force while in basic training. All
the policies were focused on the health and strength of the force, and being fair
minded, or the acceptance of everyone in society was once even laughable.
Inevitably someone will bring up the subject of segregation
within the force. Once again, this was by design at the time, to ensure cohesion
among the troops, for the most effective and least distactive problems which
could arise in the field. This was a racially based policy which solely focused
upon skin color of the men at the time, and finally was repealed only after it
was proven to be unnecessary concerning the combat strength of the men.
I purposely chose the word “men” instead of force, because physiologically
and psychologically these are still men, having the ability to perform at the
same levels without the distraction of introducing females into the combat effectiveness
of the force. The reasoning behind such structuring was to ensure strength and cohesion,
which “shock troops” could not exploit in finding weakness.
All of the basics above were designed from years of experience,
both on the battlefields and at sea.

To a lesser extent, sodomy laws were enacted to ensure the
health and cohesion of the majority of the force as well, and to place limits
upon the amount of unnecessary stress which are the fruits of such deviancy
within the force.
This is what I call the “Christian informed” culture, which
was predominantly respected and adhered to within the United States and other
western cultures. On the heels of such ethics, the sexual revolution (rebellion)
of women within the home, to a once paternal society; “equality” was seen to be
in direct violation of the Biblical or ethical order of a paternal society. Yet
this new “feminism” emerged to be one of the biggest forces which changed the
social structure of the traditional family, as well as the military culture
forever in the west. Allot of progressives see this as a good thing in sighting
the so called oppression of the predominantly white male culture.
The focus then shifted from military preparedness, to the
broader issue of so called equality within the ranks, as well as the work
space. I can remember this shift in cultural values while in middle school,
home economics which was designed for girls to manage the home, while the
industrial arts (shops) were designed for the boys, who were later expected to be
the providers to their households, shifted to being open to all.

Feminism would then erode all the traditional policies of establishments
to conform to a new social policy, by the sheer power of government. The
blending together of not only the roles of men and women changed, but the
blending together physically of women in the work space as well as the ranks
soon would spread to anyplace that was resistant to such changes.
The focus thus shifted in the military from cohesion,
strength, and effectiveness, to fairness and sensitivity training of the men.
Nowadays, we have an “unfiltered military” which spends much training time in teaching
the progressive psychobabble of “Shaming” as an example, to push forward for fairness
and equality which now comes above all else. Undoubtedly even when placing
hormone therapy, above that of possibly other medications needed for deployment
to the field. An example would be a nebulizer for asthmatic attacks, for an
otherwise healthy member of the combat arms normally frowned upon, and is probably
against regulations as well.
Yet nowadays, it seems that even combat arms is opened to
nearly anyone, who might be pushed through the ranks despite their personal limitations.
These new policies appear to be in direct opposition to what used to be
considered a healthy and strong fighting force, dividing the undesirable or
substandard personnel, from the strongest and most desirable personnel in the
completion of a mission; which should always come first, as the primary goal of
having an armed forces.  

But, what do I know, I was only ever a lonely Staff Sargent,
who was medically retired from an armed forces, that was once based of the
effectiveness of a straight male dominated culture.

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