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Conservative Veteran
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

About US : Conservative Veteran

I started Conservative Veteran blog; not to bash the progressive liberal agenda but rather to reflect the values that have been held by our Fathers of the greatest generation of veterans, the world had ever produced in an effort to save Western Civilization from Tyranny.

Unfortunately, the modern day values of many of today's veterans run contrary to the Judeo - Christian belief system ounce held in the United States and Europe.
It is my intent to help preserve this old school value system, I believe has blessed the western world into being a super power, which it had become and also preserved because of our Creator's blessings upon us.

As an American, I am all for the underdog within our culture and society. However not at the expense of our throwing away the cultural and moral values which helped to form our modern day society. As a retired soldier, I have watched the moral and ethical decline of both our Country and our Military during my career.

Political correctness, social science, humanism and pluralism, soon replaced the battle tested and tried values found in the Bible and practiced by our civilization for centuries. Yet another self serving god and goddesses of gratification entered our school system after WWII, because of a teacher shortage and the introduction of the Marxist doctrine of Humanism, as never before seen in recent history.
General Douglas MacArthur once said that Pluralism is the enemy; the longer it is allowed to exist, the bigger and bloodier the wars become.

These types of warnings were ignored: and an anti-God attitude has prevailed in our culture, causing the collapse and demise of our empire and threatening the very fabric of our families and personal security.

As a Christian, I am called to fight the good fight for Righteousness' sake in helping to show others the light of the world, Jesus Christ. In closing I have to say that the term of "Proselytizing"; I only remember being put fourth within our culture within the last forty years or so.

May God continue to bless our Nation, and her Armed Forces in continuing to hold onto Godly values?

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