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Conservative Veteran
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hate Crime?

I am discovering that many conservatives are terrified as being identified as such.
They worry about the political climate of their jobs, mass media reaction (videos-blogs ect) and being seen as some type of bigot; religiously or otherwise.
Many atheist have lumped Islamic law, and Christianity together: as one in the same. It is astounding to me that 50 years ago most people held the opposite opinions - of what is held today as being good for America.
I could even quote you some words found in my manual from basic training, which would run contrary to the values and political correctness used today.
But I even will not do this, as it would just open me up to attack - even if I didn't write it! I will say however that the way I was trained, I still believe to be correct.

What I worry about the most is being attacked by the very people who call themselves most tolerant of others (progressives) that if you have watched the NEWS lately reflects the fact of their intolerance of anyone who does not agree with them. Look here, I have many liberal friends - but they are intellectually honest enough to discuss different topics even when divisive.

When it gets to the point we can no longer do this (disagree) without bloodshed, the nation is really in trouble. Such was the case during the American Civil War.
Another law that worries me is the new federal hate crime legislation: I in no way condone hate crimes, but my question is what does one emotions have to do with law breaking? I wrote my congressman and asked him the question, he said it just gave law enforcement some additionally needed tools.

Since I am not a lawyer, I took his word for it - but it makes little logical sense to me. I read the story about a veteran who was beat up by a couple of punks just for having a veterans jacket on, as they told him he was imperialistic or something as they beat him. Since he didn't fall into a so called minority group these men were never charged as hate crime criminals.

This is what is so troubling to me, justice is supposed to be blindfolded; yet this old timer who had served his country - they did nothing for!
I know, how about we make veterans a minority group too! If any one now days deserves this type of privileged protection it is the veteran in my book, as they earned it!
And, I do believe in being inclusive - yet it seems to be for every group except US!
Just my opine, but I certainly can see a double standard, and change taking place like never before since the 1960's. I think hope and change need to come from within instead of hoping someone else will do it for you.
This is what has always made Americans different, and I hope that never changes.

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